Deadline November 30

SACHSA sponsors an annual graduation ceremony for members. We urge you to attend this annual ceremony as it is a great experience to celebrate with other home schooling families as they graduate their seniors. It is very encouraging. 

The Ceremony
​Graduating seniors will start planning their graduation ceremony as early as December while parents oversee the process. Students will be given a budget and plans will be moderated by a member of the Board.This is a great opportunity for our graduates to work as a team. 

Each family is their own private school and will therefore be responsible for issuing their own High School Diplomas. The parents and graduates generally prepare a slide show presentation for the ceremony that tells the story of their home schooling journey.

These ceremonies have inspired parents of young students to persevere in home schooling.

If you have a senior this year, please see our Graduation Policy below and apply through the online Graduation Application, also below. 

SACHSA Graduation Policy
​Application Deadline November 30
The annual SACHSA supported graduation ceremony is open to home schooled SACHSA members. Students will have been home schooled and have been SACHSA members for at least 4 semesters (2 school years) at the time of graduation. This means they are home schooled during their junior year and their senior year. Unusual circumstances that may warrant an exception to these requirements may be communicated, via email or paper mail, to the SACHSA board. Examples of circumstances that may warrant exceptions are recently moving to the area, or some health or family issue that affected school choice. Request for exceptions must be communicated to the SACHSA board before November 30. Requests for exceptions should include references from two SACHSA families who have been members for at least two school years. Policy as of May 2014

If you need more information, please

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