The name of the association shall be San Angelo Christian Home School Association (SACHSA), a non-profit association.

The purpose of SACHSA is to provide support to parents who educate their children at home. Support may include (but not limited to): 1) activities which edify and assist parents in teaching their children, such as meetings, workshops, and mom's fellowship opportunities; 2) activities which allow parents and children to enjoy friendships with other home schooling families, such as park days and skate days; 3) group educational opportunities, such as field trips and spelling bees; 4) a newsletter; and 5) basic information (but not legal advice) on legal concerns. SACHSA shall not in any way impinge on the rights of parents to educate their children as they believe best, but shall strive to offer advice and help as a service to families desiring assistance.

The Executive Board of SACHSA shall consist of seven voting members as follows: President, Vice-President, Past President, Secretary, Treasurer, Director, and Member-at-Large. The President, Vice-President and Past-President shall be men. Board members will be nominated by the current Board and subject to the approval by a majority of the members of SACHSA in attendance at the annual May meeting. Spouses of board members will serve as participating, non-voting members of the Board. If any Board position is vacated during the year, the remaining Board members will decide whether or not to fill the vacated position. The Board may appoint any member who meets the qualifications of the vacated position to assume that position. A vacancy in the position of Past-President must be filled by a past Board member, if the remaining Board members decide to fill that position.

​The Executive Board will not be involved in the monthly planning, coordinating, or implementing of the activities of SACHSA. The purpose of the Executive Board will be to assist in providing policy, leadership, and oversight of SACHSA.

The Executive Board will meet in the month of April to review the past year and present for approval of the new Board members and membership dues for the next year and in the month of August to plan for the new year. The Executive Board shall schedule additional board meetings as needed.

The President, or in his absence the Past-President or other Officer designated by the President, shall preside over all Executive Board meetings, authorize the disbursement of funds, and speak for the association.

The Vice-President and Past-President will assist the President in the performance of his duties and chair special committees set up by the President.

The Secretary will be responsible for keeping a record of each Executive Board meeting and handling any correspondence necessary.

​The Treasurer will receive funds and make disbursements authorized by the President and /or Director and provide at each Executive Board meeting an accounting of the association's financial condition. Records shall be reviewed or audited annually as determined by the Executive Board.

​The Director will coordinate the monthly activities of SACHSA, authorize the disbursement of funds (up to a limit determined by the Board), speak for the association, provide input on the status of the association at Executive Board Meetings, and come under the oversight of the Executive Board.

The Executive Board Members shall be subject to censorship or dismissal from office by a 2/3 majority of the members in attendance at a meeting called for that purpose.

Executive Board Members of SACHSA shall meet the following qualifications:

1.  The President, Vice-President, and Past-President shall be men. The other four officers may be men or women. The reason for the requirement for the three officers to be men is that the association is composed of home schooling families over which men are to provide the leadership according to Scripture. SACHSA is an extension of the home and should mirror the home in this respect.

2.  Executive Board Members shall have educated or have been committed to home schooling for at least one year. This allows the inclusion of those who are not formally or in a structured way educating their children in the cognitive skills, but are committed to home schooling.

​3.  Executive Board Members must be full members of SACHSA.

There shall be two categories of membership within SACHSA: Full Membership and Associate Membership.

Full membership in SACHSA shall be restricted to home schooling families who concur with the Statement of Faith, and the Statement of Homeschooling Values and agree to abide by the Constitution. Associate members do not qualify for voting or holding Executive Board positions, but have full privileges to attend all SACHSA activities and to benefit from all support services. Associate members must conduct themselves in a manner
consistent with the goals and purposes of the association.

Membership dues will be assessed per family at the beginning of each school year and will be determined each year by the Executive Board with the approval of the membership at the annual May business meeting. Those who are unable to pay in full at the beginning of each year can make special payment arrangements.

Any member who ceases to abide by the Constitution, or in some way brings disrepute on the association, shall be Biblically confronted by the Executive Board members for restoration; if unrepentant, the person will be excluded from membership (Matt. 18:15-20; 1Cor .5:1-5;  II John 9-11).


As home schooling becomes increasingly popular and the membership of SACHSA grows, it may become advantageous to establish smaller support groups within the larger association for the purpose of close fellowship. If that situation arises, the general association shall provide the nucleus of contact for the smaller support groups.

The smaller groups have freedom as to how they conduct their meetings and the time and date of their meetings.  They have virtual autonomy from the larger association, but must abide by the Constitution of SACHSA.


This constitution may be amended by a three-fourths vote of the members present and voting at a general meeting of the organization provided written notice of such meeting, together with a copy of the proposed amendment, is mailed to all members at least one week in advance of the meeting.