SACHSA offers emails providing information of interest to our member families. If you are a member, watch your inbox for these emails! If you do not think you are receiving emails, then Contact Us.

If you are a member and want to coordinate an event, please announce it on the
SACHSA Facebook page as well as Contact Us so a membership-wide email can go out. Please notify SACHSA at least two weeks prior to your event.

Recurring Local Events (not SACHSA Sponsored Events):

Heart to Heart

3rd Thursday of Each Month At 7:00 pm. Los Ponchitos on Bell and Pullium. Come and have  great time with other mom's. For those that are new it is just a time to hang out and visit and share and lift each other up. Some eat, some don't. Hope to see a big crowd. Days are subject to change check the Facebook page before heading out: CHEVIS Facebook page.

Park Days:Tuesdays

The San Angelo Homeschoolers Recess meets at different parks every Tuesday. Park locations are posted Sunday evening on Facebook. Be Sure to be Facebook Friends with them! San Angelo Homeschoolers Recess Facebook page.

Park Days: Thursdays Producers park at 10 am N Schroeder Ave, (Near the Paul Ann Addition) Depending on weather etc..Day, Times and Park can change so check CHEVIS Facebook page. for updates before you head out.

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