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sometimes hostile environment. Along with a tough environment, curriculum was not easy to obtain and there was no one who had "been there and done that." There were also very little offerings for enrichment activities outside of piano lessons.The Internet was newly birthed, but years away from providing any help to home schooling families. These families were on their own.

We all know how difficult it is to home school no matter when or where you do it. Taking responsibility for our children's education will always be challenging. However, today we have have an incredible amount of acceptance, opportunities for support, curriculum options and enrichment activities that are available because of the families who have come before us. Thank you to the founders of SACHSA who were a part of this historical movement to take back our children's education...and our families!

​The SACHSA Board of Directors
Dan Waldron, Past President

The Freedom to Home School in Texas

In 1981 the TEA, Texas Education Agency, banned home schooling in Texas. In 1984, the fight for the freedom to home school in Texas began with several families in Arlington Texas who sought an official decision regarding the legality of home schooling. The Leeper vs. Arlington ISD would make home school history. The Texas Home School Coalition reports the outcome from the Tarrant County District Court as follows: 

On April 13, 1987, presiding Judge Charles J. Murray issued a decision (binding on all 1,100 school districts) which was a complete vindication of the rights of parents to educate their children at home in the State of Texas.

The State of Texas went on to appeal the decision in 1987 and lost. It appealed again in 1991 and lost. In June of 1994, by a unanimous decision by the Texas Supreme Court, the verdict of the Tarrant County District Court was upheld after almost ten years of legal battle. Home schooling was now legal. Click here for more information from THSC. 


In 1990, a small group of San Angelo area families that had decided to school their children at home banded together. They made their group official by establishing it as an home schooling association. It became official with a new name "San Angelo Home School Association." Soon the word "Christian" was added to specify to all that this organization was founded on Biblical principles.

These were the uncertain days of home schooling as no one knew whether it would prove to be illegal or not. Some families were even being prosecuted for home schooling their children. Despite the legal issues, this method of education was not readily understood or accepted. The early SACHSA families faced a
 battle to home school within their communities and even their families. It was just beginning. This little group of families needed one another for support so

​they could educate their children in this 

SACHSA is an association of home school families in the San Angelo, Texas, area who support and encourage each other to pursue excellence in learning together at home. SACHSA is a Christian organization, but is open to anyone who wishes to join. There are two levels of participation within SACHSA. ​

Full Membership

Full Membership is available to those who agree with the SACHSA Statement of Faith and SACHSA Values and agree to abide by the SACHSA Constitution as well as pay the Annual Dues. All members must conduct themselves in a manner consistent with the goals and purposes of SACHSA. See the green buttons at the right to view these documents.

Associate Membership

Associate Membership is available for those that Disagree with the SACHSA Statement of Faith, but Agree to abide by the SACHSA Values and to abide by the SACHSA Constitution as well as pay the Annual Dues. These members may take part in all activities, but will not be eligible for executive board positions within SACHSA. Associate members must conduct themselves in a manner consistent with the goals and purposes of SACHSA.

Wondering Why to Join SACHSA?
Whether you are new to home schooling or new to the area or both, SACHSA offers a connection with our member families. The best way to get you connected right away is through Facebook. Please consider joining us! Click here for the Membership page.

SACHSA membership gives your family the opportunity for fellowship throughout the year. Currently SACHSA events are based on member interest and participation. Members are encouraged to initiate fellowship opportunities. In the past, members have coordinated annual picnics, field trips, Thanksgiving meals and swim parties as well as many other events. 

As a SACHSA member you will get a $20 discount when you join THSC. We look forward to you becoming part of SACHSA!